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Each of my creative classes can be found on Skillshare, a subscription-based online learning platform home to thousands of courses. For just $9.99/month, you can take as many of my classes as you’d like. That’s a steal, huh? Click here to start a 14-day free trial on Skillshare.

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for artists + creatives

Whether on Skillshare or inside my private learning platform, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded artists and creatives. Our community values authenticity, originality, and community over competition. There’s enough room for everyone to succeed.


It wasn’t so long ago that I was a beginner…and I remember exactly how it feels. That’s why many of my classes are designed with the complete beginner in mind. But don’t worry! Once you level up, there’s plenty more for you to dig into.

for the beginner + beyond

The newest additions to my course library are all about business! If you’re ready to take your creative practice to the next level, check out those biz resources below…

hobby or business? you choose

9 creative classes | 24k students 

lettering in color (beginner)

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digitize your lettering (intermediate)

expressive brush pen florals (beginner)

inky florals (beginner)

the procreate class (beginner)

easy clay earrings (beginner)

easy clay earrings: advanced techniques (intermediate)

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captivating designs in procreate (intermediate)

color palettes in procreate (beginner - intermediate)

grow your business with these classes

Take the creative well within you and share it with the world! Learn how to nail down your best ideas, and get started on that beautiful online course.

Coming soon!

for the creative

crafting online courses

Dig into course creation from your favorite comfy chair. No one is hiring a film crew around here! DIY’ing an online class never looked (and sounded) so good.

for the diy'er

If you are yearning for passive income, a more flexible lifestyle, and to become a go-to person in your industry, teaching online could unlock those things in your business.

for the motivated

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Start and grow your e-mail list from scratch with this brand new mini course. LYL walks you through each step in the process…from how to choose an email service provider that works for you, to how to create a freebie everyone will want, to how to set up a nurture sequence that will delight your community! 

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"I’m confident in my abilities to put a quality course together from start to finish. I’m comfortable with the entire process--from brainstorming, to validating, to organization and formation of the course itself. Kiley’s course actually helped me see that my original idea was better suited as a membership that a course—-which is amazing!"

after taking Crafting Online Courses 2020

Courtney started her own membership

Courtney cameron


"I've created three courses since taking COC! Into the second one I started to feel confident in my process. I also learned a lot about what works and what doesn't with regards to my audience which has been super insightful. I really liked feeling accountable to get my course created alongside the other students and being able to ask Kiley questions along the way.

since taking Crafting Online Courses 2020

julieanne has launched 3 courses

julieanne murphy-steedman


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