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February 17, 2019

Brush Pen Florals Class on Skillshare

Exciting news on the blog today! My second Skillshare Class, Expressive Brush Pen Florals, is out TODAY! Before I tell you all about this class, I want to share my special affiliate link with you. If you’re not already a Skillshare Premium member, you should take advantage of 2 months free to test out the Skillshare platform for yourself. This platform has been invaluable in my creative life. I’ve been using it since 2015, when I was starting to teach myself the ins and outs of art and design. Whether you’re a hobbyist or wanting to become a full-time self-employed artist, I can guarantee you will not regret the decision to invest in Skillshare!

The Expressive Brush Pen Florals class is exactly what it sounds like: a class about creating interesting and eye-catching florals with my favorite tool…the brush pen. If you follow me on Instagram, you know these are some of my favorite posts to create. Illustrating florals is meditative and satisfying, and finding my unique style among the many talented floral illustrators out there has inspired me to share my simple processes with you.

What do you need for this class?

-Brush Pens or Watercolors – Tombow Brush Pens are preferred because they serve a dual purpose. They can be used as beautiful watercolors, and can also be used as pens to add more opaque details to the florals. However, if you don’t have Tombow Dual Brush Pens, you can use your favorite watercolor set and markers or other tools you’re comfortable using.

-Watercolor Paper – Since we are working with pens used as watercolors (or actual watercolors), you need watercolor paper. You can get some here!

-Paintbrush – You will need a paintbrush you’re comfortable using. I love a mid-sized round brush. They make the prettiest blobs!

-Paint palette, water, paper towel, and a pencil! These are basic tools that you already have sitting around the house. Yes, even a paint palette. All you need is a porcelain or plastic plate or other smooth plastic surface (like a kid’s placemat, laminated paper, etc). If you want a real palette, though, you can find one here!

Class Project

Throughout the lessons, I’ll show you my process for creating a different version of both floral layouts seen below: an organic flat lay or an arrangement in a simple bouquet. You can choose between one of the two or do both for your class project!

Skillshare is also amazing because you can post your photos directly to the class projects page. That way, I can see your projects as you complete them and give helpful feedback or further advice on how to nail your perfect floral illsutration!

To find out the actual steps in how to create these florals, you’ll have to join the class!! But don’t worry—-like I said before, you can take advantage of 2 months FREE of Skillshare and take my class and SO MANY more. There is really no excuse not to at least try it!

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