June 25, 2020

Sewing the #SoleeTop with My Spoonflower Fabric

This is one of my favorite projects to date, because I used my very own fabric to make it!

I’m so excited to finally have some fabric designs for sale on Spoonflower!
You can find all four color variations of this Patchy Floral design in my shop.

One of my favorite sewists to follow online, Natalie Ebaugh, shared this cute summer top in her Instagram stories with simple instructions for how to put it together. I had recently ordered four fat quarters of this floral design I’d created on Spoonflower and knew I had to put them to use with this top.

The top is super easy to create if you’re comfortable sewing, and the instructions can be found in Natalie’s IG stories. I made this top a little more difficult by the color blocking I did, but I don’t regret it. I’m in love.

I ordered my fabric in the Petal Signature Cotton, which worked really well for this type of garment. For other garments, I wouldn’t choose to sew with a cotton because it is a bit more rigid, but this one worked out really well.

Don’t look too close or you’ll really see some problems ;D I used some left over quilting cotton from a previous project for my straps! If you have a lot of quilting cotton lying around, you really could use it up creating a Solee Top. It is a rare unicorn of a garment that allows a rigid cotton!

Even if you don’t order custom fabric, you could have a ton of fun picking out different colors and doing a color block variation yourself.

To create a color-blocked version, you take the garment measurements (applied to your own body measurements…all of this is in Natalie’s IG story!), and divide that measurement up depending on how many blocks you want to have. There are two panels: a front and a back. For my front panel (the cream and red blocking), I divided by two. For the back panel, I divided by four so I could alternate the periwinkle and bluegrass color schemes. Make sure to leave room for seam allowances on either side of your blocks!

This was a super satisfying make and will be the perfect top for cookouts and hot summer days. I can’t wait to wear it!

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