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January 13, 2021

10 Home Offices and Studios I Love

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite home office inspiration I’ve found through Pinterest. I have a little confession to make: I suffer from constant home office envy. One day, I will make an effort to really turn my very own home office into the space of my dreams but for now… seeing as there’s a GIANT treadmill (a pandemic purchase… no regrets!) that takes up nearly HALF my tiny space, I have to live vicariously through these ten artists + designers. As you’ll see below, I like a bright and airy space, with pops of color, or patterned wallpaper. I also like lots of open shelving, natural woods, cozy rugs, and gold accents. That is my home office style through and through. Bookmark this blog post so you can stay inspired!

10. An office with an extended desktop and plenty of light

This gorgeous space belongs to Brighten Made

9. The Ikea Setup of My Dreams (With Wallpaper!)

See the full details on this blog post

8. Everything about this

See all the details here

7. The ‘I think I’ll just move in here and never leave’ home studio.

See lots more photos + the making of this space at Lemon and Birch

6. Simple, Feminine, Airy

This space was thoughtfully designed by Amanda Rush Holmes

5. A ‘Cloffice’ to really get excited about

See more about the process at Nesting with Grace

4. Cozy-Chic Fashion Blogger Dreams

This space belongs to Livvy Land. Check it out here.

3. This whole office building designed by Bonnie Christine

Seriously, check out the BEFORE pictures!!!!

2. A colorful, cheerful, happy oasis

Get the details + meet the brilliant designer here.
  1. This calm, unfussy, comforting space.
See more photos here!

That’s it! These are just 10 office spaces I’m inspired by, but there are lots more to check out on my ‘Home Office Inspiration’ Pinterest board. You can follow it here!

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