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January 15, 2021

Pom Pom Earrings (5-Minute DIY)

Easy Pom Pom Earrings

These pom pom earrings are by far the EASIEST and quickest DIY craft I’ve ever done! In less than 5 minutes, you can make a pair of these statement earrings that add a pop of whimsy and color to any outfit.

Here’s what you need!

  1. Pom Poms (I used some I had from previous projects, but you can also make your own.)
  2. A sewing needle (pretty small, definitely sharp!)
  3. Thread (color is up to you, it won’t show)
  4. Fishhook Earring Wire in color of your choice (Like any of these)
  5. Jewelry Pliers
  6. Scissors
  7. Super Glue *optional for extra security*

Step 1: Arrange your pom poms into the earring shape you’d like and thread your needle. You want your needle to be pretty small and sharp because it needs to pierce through the center of the pom pom, but not leave a big enough hole that your thread will slip through.

Make sure the knot on your thread is larger than the tip of your sewing needle.

Step 2: Start with the BOTTOM pom pom of your earring design, and pierce your needle through the bottom of that pom pom. You should meet a little resistance in the center of the pom pom, but it should pierce through.

Step 3: String on the middle pom pom, and the top pom pom, pulling them tight together. The knot in your thread should be snuggled up to the bottom pom pom, with a little thread tail sticking out.

Step 4: Next, take your fishhook earring wire and make sure the tiny loop is closed all the way. Use jewelry pliers to ensure it’s completely closed.

Step 5: Thread your needle through that tiny loop, so that the earring wire is now hanging onto the thread. You don’t need to worry about pulling it toward your pom poms at this point, it just needs to be on the thread.

Step 6: To tighten your fishhook earring wire to the top of your earring and to make sure your earrings are super secure, you want to take your needle and start threading back down through your earring.

Step 6: I only threaded back through the second pom pom, rather than going back down to the bottom pom pom. You can do whatever you need to do for the most security. It’s also okay if your needle comes out of the side. With wool pom poms, your thread should stay secure.

Step 7: Pull the needle through until your fishhook earring wire is tight to the top pom pom. Cut the thread and use it to tie a tight knot that will be hidden in your pom pom. Then cut your bottom threads so that the original knot is buried in bottom pom pom.

*OPTIONAL: Add a tiny dot of superglue to your knots and to the earring wire loop to ensure it stays put.

Step 8: Repeat for other earring. Wear and enjoy!

Pom Pom Earrings - DIY Easy and Quick

Once I made the first pair, I had made 3 more pairs within 15 minutes! These earrings would make great gifts for your stylish friends and family members that like fun accessories.

Let me know if you try these, and tag me on Instagram to share what color ways you chose!

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