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August 4, 2021

Bright and Minimal Home Office Tour

Bright Home Office

Welcome to my bright and minimal home office tour! I am so excited to finally share this post. June 11th, 2021 marked our one year anniversary of buying our first home. What better way to celebrate than calling my home office done? Well, for now, anyway.

As we were touring homes last year, I was always looking for ‘my office.’ If a home didn’t have a dedicated space for a home office/studio hybrid, it was hard to envision us living there. The house we fell in love with, and ultimately ended up buying, checked my two big boxes: an extra bedroom that could serve as my office, and a lot of natural light. I rely on natural light to photograph my work and film my online courses. And as an added bonus, it keeps my spirits up!

Bright and Minimal Home Office

Over the past 5 years (and 3 different home offices), my set-up as evolved. Right now, I am loving this husband-built corner desk with an Ikea Alex drawer unit for storage. The drawers support the right side of my desk, while the left side is supported by brackets. This gives me a ton of leg room under the desk. My chair is also Ikea (the Skruvsta model).

Bright and Minimal Home Office

What you can’t see until you zoom out is that I share my office with our very humble home gym space (which you can see a bit of on the right). One of our big Pandemic purchases was a Facebook Marketplace treadmill, and we have been slowly adding to our set-up since. When I say that this treadmill is H-U-G-E, I mean it. It is like a black hole that takes up so, so much space. But, I’ve gotten used to it, and it’s kind of nice to have my treadmill so close to the desk if I want to ‘take a walk’ while listening to a Zoom call or something….Shhhh…don’t tell anyone!

On the other side of the photo you can see my craft cabinet. Because this home has zero bedroom closets (3 bedrooms, not a single closet…don’t ask me why), I was in need of some serious storage space for my art supplies, filming equipment, and office supplies too big for my drawer unit. My husband built me this cabinet as a birthday gift last year and it’s incredible. It’s so full right now that it doesn’t close all the way…which means it’s time for a declutter.

Bright and Minimal Home Office

One key thing I’ve figured out in the past year is that I prefer my computer screen in the corner, because of the arm room it provides. Other than that, I like to keep my desk “decor” minimal, otherwise I feel claustrophobic.

Bright and Minimal Home Office

I opted to go for minimal wall decor as well, because a lot of visual clutter creates mental clutter for me. I hung this acrylic calendar from Target, and added some fabric swatches from my Spoonflower shop and a few other pieces of inspiration. The other wall features prints from A Beautiful Mess Shop and Etsy (links at the end of this post).

In the corner between my cabinet and window, I have this sweet 3-tiered shelf. This is a great place to store my test swatches of fabric.

I’m sure this room will go through a hundred more changes, but right now it is serving me near perfectly. And Archie, (one of my three cats) agrees!

Photos by Connie Shuffett Photography

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