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August 6, 2021

The Online Course Roadmap

The Online Course Roadmap

In this blog post, I’m sharing something I know would have greatly helped me in my early course days. That is my brand new Online Course Roadmap.

I’m the type of person that needs to use my GPS for everything! It’s kind of embarrassing at this point. So, it comes as no surprise that I would wish for a GPS for my business. Imagine that? A step-by-step guide that tells you all the upcoming turns, exits, road delays, and ETA?!

I created what I feel is as close to a GPS for Online Course Creator’s as possible. That’s why I titled it the Online Course Creator’s Roadmap. And what’s even better? It’s free, and you can sign up for it right here.

This 24-page PDF features the 5 stages that an online course creator might experience. Personally, I’ve been at every stage expect for stage 5, which I’m currently working toward.

As you read each stage, you’ll know what to expect (right down to how you might be feeling), along with actionable tips and checkboxes that can guide you through the messy middle of each stage. Whether you are simply thinking of creating a course (Stage 1), you’re actively working on your first course (Stage 2), or you’re looking to level up your next course (Stage 3), there is an abundance of support for you in this roadmap.

The Online Course Roadmap

When you sign up, the ebook will be delivered to your inbox within minutes. From there, you can print it or use it on your tablet. Either way, you can’t go wrong. I know that you will love using this resource as you create your first (or next!) online course.

  1. Kate Frances says:

    The online course creator’s roadmap is SUCH a valuable tool. If you are thinking about creating a course download this NOW!

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