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August 18, 2021

My 5 Favorite Programs for Creative Business

My 5 favorite programs for creative business

After running a creative business for five years, I’ve tried all the apps and programs you could imagine. In this post, I’m sharing my 5 favorite programs for creative business. The programs that help me get it all done, get it done faster, and stay somewhat organized. That’s a total win, right?


It took me awhile to hop on the Canva bandwagon, but once I did, I understood the hype. Canva is a drag-and-drop design app that can do a little bit of everything. I used to think it wasn’t necessary for me as an Illustrator user, but Canva helps me create different designs, opt-ins, and social media graphics faster. I pay for the Canva pro subscription, and it’s absolutely worth it.

This program is new to me, but it has already made a big impact in my day-to-day. Monday is a project management program designed to help individuals and teams stay organized and on task. Using the free version of this program, I’ve been able to create systems for planning social media, blog content, and course creation in a brand new way. I love logging into the program and seeing everything that needs to get done in an organized layout! Before Monday, I used Trello and a paper planner. While that might work for some, I could never get into a good rhythm with either.


Speaking of social media, Tailwind is my hero! As someone who has a hard time staying on top of social media planning, I rely on Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts and stories, and I even use it for Pinterest, too! If you want to take full advantage of this program for both Instagram and Pinterest, you will end up paying about $45/month, but it’s worth it to me to have Tailwind in my back pocket. Especially when it comes to Pinterest, Tailwind offers a ton of robust features…I am currently working on getting my traffic up through Pinterest, and I’m so thankful to have a program that helps me do just that.


If we’ve ever had a conversation about e-mail marketing, you’ve heard me gush over Flodesk. That’s because it is an e-mail marketing platform that puts emphasis on beautiful design. Imagine that? Not only is Flodesk pretty, but it’s extremely easy to use. You can get your first month 50% off by using this link!

Yoast SEO

As the landscape of social media changes constantly, I’ve been switching my focus to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having an SEO-Friendly website is extremely important for being found by brand new audiences, but it can be really hard to know how in the world to do that. If you use WordPress, I highly recommend using the free Yoast SEO Plug-in that helps you create SEO-friendly web pages and blog posts. I’m having a ton of fun with it, and it’s going to help my business grow!

These are my 5 favorite programs for creative business that I wouldn’t want to live without. Which ones will you be trying out?

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