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August 16, 2021

How to Optimize Your Skillshare Profile

How to optimize your Skillshare profile

In this post, I’m sharing how to optimize your Skillshare profile with 5 easy tips, so you can attract new students, stand out in the crowd, and maybe get a few new e-mail list subscribers!

Believe it or not, one of my best sources of traffic is Skillshare. And not to mention, it’s an almost-free course hosting platform. If you want to learn about my favorite course platforms, check out this blog post.

Get to the good stuff!

For teachers on Skillshare, the profile page serves two purposes: (1) Introduce yourself to potential students and (2) show off your library of classes. Think of it like speed-dating. Your potential student might be landing on your profile for the first time, and it only takes a few moments to know whether there’s a connection or not. So, hurry up and get to the juicy stuff! Use the opening paragraph of your Skillshare profile to ‘speed date’ your potential student by sharing exactly what they can expect to learn from you and why they will love your classes.

Stick to your “Dreamies”

‘Dreamies’ is a term I heard on a podcast long ago to describe your ideal client or customer. I don’t know about you, but I like ‘dreamies’ a lot better than the super market-y terminology. Whatever you call them, it’s so important to know exactly who you your classes will serve and how they will serve them. When putting your classes on Skillshare, it’s tempting to try and appeal to everyone, but that’s not going to serve you (or them) in the long run. So, keep your language and messaging focused on your ideal student, and that connection will be so much stronger when they land on your profile.

Use Canva to create a cover photo and transitions

Skillshare allows you to add imagery to your profile page, so why not make it cute?! Use an app like Canva to create a cover photo that shows off your style and personality. I like to create a simple image collage that features a few photos and maybe some text or cute graphic elements. Bonus points if it’s your own artwork!

It’s also beneficial to use Canva to create ‘text transitions’ on your page. You can see how I did this on my Skillshare profile page here. I save my text image as a PNG with a transparent background so it appears as if the text is floating on the page.

Group your classes by subject

Skillshare also allows you to create categories. This is so helpful for students, especially if you have a growing number of classes. You can also drag and reorder your classes to go in a certain order, which makes your groupings even more effective.

Go ahead and plug that e-mail list or IG account

If you have an e-mail list, it wouldn’t hurt to create a Skillshare-specific opt-in for your students. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on this one, just as long as it’s something your students will find useful. If you don’t have an e-mail list, no worries! Plug your social channels and include clickable links to make it easier for students to find and follow you elsewhere.

Now that your Skillshare page is looking and sounding good, you are ready to bring in all the new students. Which tips will you be implementing asap?

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