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August 11, 2021

My Favorite Course Hosting Platforms

My favorite course hosting platforms

In this post, I’m excited to share my favorite course hosting platforms for a variety of needs and budgets. This list is based on my personal experience as both a student and a course creator. Whether you are just starting out with a limited budget, or are ready to up-level your online course, I got you, boo.

FREE: Skillshare

When I think of a ‘free’ course-hosting platform, I think of Skillshare. Though it’s not technically free, it comes in at the most ‘bang for your buck.’ With Skillshare, you pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access Skillshare’s incredibly course library. There is zero additional cost to host your own classes on this platform. Because of the way Skillshare works, you will not receive a flat fee per student. You get paid per minutes watched every month, and the commission can change month-to-month. While it might take a while to start earning significant monthly income through Skillshare, it is possible.

Adding to the benefits, Skillshare has become somewhat of a ‘search engine’ for classes of all kinds, which means hosting a class on this platform is great way to be found by new students! They also offer a lot of helpful resources for new teachers who are hoping to succeed on their platform. Check out their teacher resources here.

FREE: Thinkific

I’ve only used Thinkific as a student, so I cannot speak to the experience as a course creator. However, this is a free platform for hosting a course, so it’s worth a try for sure. Their free plan offers enough features to get you started with what you need for your first course.


Teachery was the first place I ever hosted an online course. Since I started using it in 2017, they have added so many incredible features. What makes Teachery so budget-friendly is their pricing. For $49 a month or $470 a year, you can host unlimited courses with unlimited students, and the price does not increase, nor do they charge a fee per student.


This is the course platform I hear the most about, but I’ve never used it for myself! For $29 a month, you get enough features to get started, which is super affordable! However, it does not come in cheaper than Teachery because the basic plan includes a 5% transaction fee per student, and the next plan up is $99/month.

All-Inclusive ($$$): Kajabi

I saved the best for last! Though Kajabi is the most cost-prohibitive platform I’ve used, it is my favorite for a reason. Kajabi is truly all-inclusive. It can serve as your stand-alone website, it works with WordPress to feature a blog, it can send e-mails (replacing your e-mail hosting platform), and it offers so many robust features for both teacher and student. Though it might not be for the course creator just starting out, it is an excellent platform to work up to, and I’ve had a great experience on both sides of the coin.

Which course platform will you be getting started with? Remember that you can’t go wrong, no matter which you choose. The best platform for you is the one you can afford, and your students will be able to use effectively and easily (all of them). Best of luck in your course-creating adventures!

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